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Why is TVLowCost so well adapted to the “cost cutting” era? Because TVLowCost’ s unique approach : “GET MORE FOR LESS”, allows brands to increase their market share while spending less in TV advertising. For the last few weeks “ADVERTISING AGE” has announced advertising cost cuttings by the largest global advertisers. In the 4th of […]

Cost Cutting is nowadays reality. BREAK THE RULES…with TVLowCost you cut marketing budgets, while ameliorating the efficiency of your TV advertising. Not a single day without reading or hearing that companies are reducing their marketing expenditures, it’s today’s reality and it is highly probable that it will stay like that for a few months…or more. […]

Are you really sure that there is only bad news in this period ? Are you really sure that the situation is so negative ? Are you really sure that the only sound thing to do is to keep your current advertising partners ? Nobody can be happy about the alarming news we read and […]

TVLowCost accelerates! Our group opens its 10th subsidiary: TVLowCost USA, based in New York and managed by JIM LURIE. TV advertising becomes affordable in USA, at last ! The American agency, which employs already 10 co-workers, adopts the same method “to make TV advertising affordable, at last“ in the United States. Have a look at […]

Advertisers, do not panic ! The generalisation of the tensions on the costs obliges companies to question all their previous ways of management. In TV advertising , the economic approach of TVLowCost allows to restore the ” Marketing Purchasing Power ” of companies. When TVLowCost opened its doors, three and a half years ago, the […]

Grocery brands and their owners are on a continuous cycle of trade support that’s increasingly dominating brand budgets and putting the squeeze on advertising and promotional spend. And invariably its TV advertising that gets pulled because of its high cost in order to maintain profitability of the brand. It’s cat and mouse with the powerful […]

Not limited to New Zealand, the issue of tightening budgets affects marketers everywhere. Which is why we’ve adopted an international low cost model, TVLOWCOST. 10 offices worldwide, over 85 clients in just 3 years. TVLOWCOST have gone to air with over 420 commercials and we are achieving phenomenal results for our clients. At TVLOWCOST NZ […]

Yes, “Affordable TV advertising” can generate excellent Return On Investment ! This is the issue everywhere. Every advertiser knows that TV advertising is the most efficient way to boost one’s business. No discussion. But, how many can afford national TV advertising ? Since decades television channels, traditional ”high cost” media agencies and advertising agencies have […]

TVLowCost’s unique approach to “affordable TV advertising” also adds further campaign impact too! You likely know the theory of the “last metre”, developed by many Design, Packaging and SP specialists. This shows the vital importance of “product visibility in-store” so that consumers, with only a few seconds spare, will see and hopefully grab your brand […]

“When times are good, you should advertise. When times are bad, you must advertise.” Here we are, recession seems to be very probable in front of us in the vast majority of countries. All the reasons seem to be joined to create a slow down in many markets. Many companies will start reducing their marketing […]


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