Is the life of your brand monotonous and predictable?


Grocery brands and their owners are on a continuous cycle of trade support that’s increasingly dominating brand budgets and putting the squeeze on advertising and promotional spend. And invariably its TV advertising that gets pulled because of its high cost in order to maintain profitability of the brand.

It’s cat and mouse with the powerful grocery groups – play the game or risk not having a market for your products. Don’t support your brand and risk adverse shelf position.

If this sounds familiar and you want to break out and have your brand supported on TV again, then TVLowCost is the answer.

$85,000 + GST – complete package

  • 3 months on air
  • 170 national TV spots guaranteed
  • 250 TARPS
  • Multiple TVC production and all on-air costs
  • All agency fees and creative
  • Research: Concept pre-test and Omnibus awareness measured

TVLowCost. The only true low cost TV specialist with a proven global track record of helping over 85 brands and the experience of producing over 420 commercials. TVLowCost has a proven international formula that gets you results without compromising production quality.

You don’t have to compromise your advertising any more to maintain retailer margin contributions. In fact, supporting your brand on TV can provide you the leverage for better shelf position and facings, and for new products, provide the ‘leg up’ for listing.


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