TVLowCost – Leading in the Age of Austerity


Are you really sure that there is only bad news in this period ?
Are you really sure that the situation is so negative ?
Are you really sure that the only sound thing to do is to keep your current advertising partners ?

Nobody can be happy about the alarming news we read and hear everywhere, for sure, but let us be positive : it is an excellent excuse to become more “creative and open minded” !

When times are difficult, it is the right moment to identify new solutions to cope with them and decide to accelerate when the vast majority of the other brands will start slowing down.

TVLowCost constitutes probably one of the best answers you can find to defend your brand in times of austerity, just because we are there to give you MORE FOR LESS

If you are considering reducing your advertising expenditure, why not study our approach to TV advertising ?
Why not spend an hour or two with Simon Healy to hear what we can do for your brand ?
If, in the last 3 and a half
years, a little more than 110 advertisers have joined the different TVLowCost offices around the world to benefit from our unique cost-saving method, more than 450 TV commercials have been shot, do you think that this is just because we are “lucky” …

We, at TVLowCost, believe that the costs of TV advertising can be drastically diminished in order to help brands defend their market shares with reduced budgets. We believe in this and we prove that it works !

Ask yourself why brands such as HEINZ, UNILEVER, WRANGLER, BOSE, GOODYEAR, MILTON, RICOH and many others… have chosen us, they must have understood something special about us, no ?


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