Why is TVLowCost so well adapted to the “cost cutting” era?


Why is TVLowCost so well adapted to the “cost cutting” era? Because TVLowCost’ s unique approach : “GET MORE FOR LESS”, allows brands to increase their market share while spending less in TV advertising.

For the last few weeks “ADVERTISING AGE” has announced advertising cost cuttings by the largest global advertisers. In the 4th of august 2008 magazine, they reported the impressive decrease of marketing expenditures made by some giants in the last quarter. Procter & Gamble : – 19, 4%, Johson & Johson : – 8,6%, L’Oréal : – 6,6%, Unilever : -4,1%…

According to the journalists : “The pullbacks come as the marketers grapple with rising commodity costs, big price increases, rising private label sales and consumers who’ve been spending less. Unilever executives last week described the U.S. market as essentially flat.
A study by PriceWaterhouseCoopers for the Grocery Manufacturers of America showed the percentage of package-goods players whose North American sales were shrinking as a share of their total rose to 41% in the fourth quarter from only 6% in the first quarter of last year.”

It is now absolutely evident that a vast majority of advertisers are starting to reduce their costs to adapt themselves to the difficult market environment.
It is also evident that cutting advertising is not a good solution for the future of their brands, they know that perfectly, but they believe that there is no other solution in front of a “Recession” that could stay for a long period.

In the same AD AGE issue, Credit Suisse analyst Robert Moskow says. “When a company says it is going to meet its fourth-quarter estimate by cutting marketing spending and laying off 300 people in North America, we take it as a bad sign,”.

Advertisers should take a first decision : abandon their current “high cost” advertising partners and switch to TVLowCost.

Our unique “All Inclusive TV Packs” is the best answer advertisers can find, in order to reduce their
advertising costs AND increase in the same time their media visibility in the most efficient media: national television!
All the marketers know the efficiency of TV advertising, but they have been, for decades, “manipulated” by high cost advertising agencies and high cost media agencies who have made everything very expensive.

The result?

National TV has become a “luxury”. And when things are going badly, one cuts the “luxury”… At TVLowCost, all the contrary, we believe that national TV can be, and MUST be, the most affordable advertising for every advertiser. And we have built a completely new and different approach, in order to “cut the costs” of TV advertising!

Why not meet the CEO of our TVLowCost agency in your country, you will rapidly discover that with TVLowCost, you can, in the same time, reduce your advertising expenditures and increase your marketing efficiency.

Sounds impossible? Give us a call…and make your own opinion!


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