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Winning creative awards is the way ad agency creatives work their way up the ladder. This obsessive focus on awards is most often at the detriment of sales. It’s a fact that a lot of the most awarded ads have resulted in flat sales. Ads still need to be creative … they just need to […]

No wonder TV delivers sales like no other media. While fragmentation of media usage is a concern for most marketers, a 2008 study by The NZ Television Broadcasters’ Council highlighted that viewership grew by 8.6% over 2007. Outward Bound Out Performs Based on the same budget in 2008 vs 2009 – and radio/magazine vs TV […]

In a recent NZ quantitative research study* into Baby Boomers, when asked what were their major concerns for their future, Health & Wellbeing ranked No1, followed by Money, with family/grandchildren ranked  No 3. Even in a recessionary environment, Boomers will continue to invest in themselves …the key is to make sure your communications resonate with […]

The TVLowCost model delivers 3 x 15 sec tv commercials, which means you can tell more about brand benefits …and sell more. Which translates into greater consumer demand and helps pull sales through distribution channels … fanning trade pull through and securing distribution.

In today’s tighter economy, there’s one group that you can rely on that still has disposable income to spend on themselves ….the Baby Boomers. The strategy behind TvLowCost’s latest campaign for Outward Bound, was to target those in their 40’s and 50’s who may have missed completing an Outward Bound course, and were at a […]

In a recessionary market, too many brands button down the hatches and don’t invest in advertising a time when their competitors are also pulling back. That’s the perfect time to increase SOV to deliver greater SOM. It could be just the sales stimulus package your brand needs. A TVLowCost package is the smart way […]

Selleys commissioned TVLowCost to produce 3 x 15 sec tv commercials to build awareness of their unique product range. Their BBQ Wipes are an industry first, and along with their stainless steel Clean and Shine and Tough Clean, they are essential for any BBQ enthusiast. The tough to reach male audience was targeted with a […]