Health & Wellbeing is the No 1 issue with Baby Boomers



In a recent NZ quantitative research study* into Baby Boomers, when asked what were their major concerns for their future, Health & Wellbeing ranked No1, followed by Money, with family/grandchildren ranked  No 3. Even in a recessionary environment, Boomers will continue to invest in themselves …the key is to make sure your communications resonate with this much overlooked audience. The opportunity for OTC brands to specifically target the Boomers is enormous, and the returns will reward the investment.

* Senioragency NZ Goldmine Study 2008

TV is the sweetspot for Boomers 50+

If your OTC brand derives significant sales form the 50+ … the TVLowCost model is a perfect solution. Against a 50-69 Socio 1-4 target audience, the $45k media delivers approx 450 TARPs* Plus 3 x 15 second tv commercials in the package mean that different brand benefits … or different brands can be supported.

* Seasonal variations apply, based on 15 sec tvcs


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