TV is Still King


TV retains “super media” status
January 2011
Growing audience levels and rising ad spend show television remains a form of “super media” despite the many challenges to its status, according to Deloitte.
They estimate 40 million new viewers will tune in for the first time around the world this year, with an extra 140 billion hours of content being consumed. Advertising expenditure on TV is set to grow US$10 billion, hitting US$191 billion in 2011, a 5th successive annual increase.
On average, individuals will dedicate three-and-a-quarter hours each day to linear broadcast material, measured against 15
minutes utilising social networks. In NZ our viewership of TV is higher at an average of 4.15 hours and amongst the heaviest viewers of TV in the world.

The medium is also set to enjoy strengthening influence over other types of media, like books and music. Similarly, pay-TV subscription sales are anticipated to climb by 20% worldwide, indicating a broad-based resilience across
various revenue streams.

While there are challenges ahead from digital technology, online audio visual and social networking, other innovations like Apple TV and Google TV that will reshape the industry.

“Prophecies of the imminent obsolescence of television will again be proved wrong in 2011 and instead its status as a ‘super
media’ will be reinforced,” Deloitte announced.
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