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Did you know Talley’s is the only 100% NZ Grown range of frozen vegetables?  I bet you thought Wattie’s was? Due to the variation in supply of vegetables, may producers source imported vegetables grown in Australia or China. Talley’s is the only range that is absolutely 100% home grown. Check out Talley’s latest TV ads. […]

  In NZ the average 30″ ad costs around $100,000 to develop. Suppose too that the media spend on the average ad is $400,000, so the total advertising budget per ad is $500,000. From international research and testing over 3,500 ads worldwide, irrespective of category, type of advertising, country or media, only about 30% of the finished […]

TV retains “super media” status January 2011 Growing audience levels and rising ad spend show television remains a form of “super media” despite the many challenges to its status, according to Deloitte. They estimate 40 million new viewers will tune in for the first time around the world this year, with an extra 140 billion […]

If you’re going to the effort of developing a campaign for your brand and investing on TV, it needs to be focused on longer term brand growth. Many TV brand campaigns with limited budgets are short and sharp because of the chosen format (Masthead and info brand ads like Brand Power and Discover) or don’t […]

Winning creative awards is the way ad agency creatives work their way up the ladder. This obsessive focus on awards is most often at the detriment of sales. It’s a fact that a lot of the most awarded ads have resulted in flat sales. Ads still need to be creative … they just need to […]

No wonder TV delivers sales like no other media. While fragmentation of media usage is a concern for most marketers, a 2008 study by The NZ Television Broadcasters’ Council highlighted that viewership grew by 8.6% over 2007. Outward Bound Out Performs Based on the same budget in 2008 vs 2009 – and radio/magazine vs TV […]

In a recent NZ quantitative research study* into Baby Boomers, when asked what were their major concerns for their future, Health & Wellbeing ranked No1, followed by Money, with family/grandchildren ranked  No 3. Even in a recessionary environment, Boomers will continue to invest in themselves …the key is to make sure your communications resonate with […]