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Yes, “Affordable TV advertising” can generate excellent Return On Investment ! This is the issue everywhere. Every advertiser knows that TV advertising is the most efficient way to boost one’s business. No discussion. But, how many can afford national TV advertising ? Since decades television channels, traditional ”high cost” media agencies and advertising agencies have […]

TVLowCost’s unique approach to “affordable TV advertising” also adds further campaign impact too! You likely know the theory of the “last metre”, developed by many Design, Packaging and SP specialists. This shows the vital importance of “product visibility in-store” so that consumers, with only a few seconds spare, will see and hopefully grab your brand […]

“When times are good, you should advertise. When times are bad, you must advertise.” Here we are, recession seems to be very probable in front of us in the vast majority of countries. All the reasons seem to be joined to create a slow down in many markets. Many companies will start reducing their marketing […]

Launched 3 years and a half ago in PARIS (october the 1st 2004), TVLowCost is now present in 9 countries with subsidiaries launched with local entrepreneurs joining us. They own 65% of the capital of the local agency, and we own centrally 35%. This is the best way to have solid native managers in each […]

Why democratising television advertising is a top priority for brands everywhere in the world ? Because TV it is the most efficient medium. It is television that makes certain brands world famous, such as Coca-Cola, Pepsico, l’Oréal or the products from Procter & Gamble, Unilever, Henkel, … Television is the perfect impact medium. In 2008 […]

I am reading a very interesting book at the moment, called “AD LAND, A global history of advertising”, by Mark Tungate. It helps us going back to what the pioneers of our industry have made and said. Big Names such as BILL BERNBACH, or ROSSER REEVES, the inventor of the “USP” (Unique Selling Proposition) and, […]