Outward Bound grows by targeting the Baby Boomers



In today’s tighter economy, there’s one group that you can rely on that still has disposable income to spend on themselves ….the Baby Boomers. The strategy behind TvLowCost’s latest campaign for Outward Bound, was to target those in their 40’s and 50’s who may have missed completing an Outward Bound course, and were at a stage in their lives where they needed a personal challenge.
The benefits of this were twofold. The 40+ target were relatively untapped – so this delivered incremental course sign ups for Outward Bound. Plus, even if the 40+ target didn’t want to do a course themselves, it spurned interest in enquiries for/from their kids.

Website hits up 62%…Total enquiries up 22%

TV has outperformed last year’s summer magazine and radio campaign … with website hits up 62% and direct phone calls up 22% …and that’s just after the first month of tv. Plus the media investment year on year was exactly the same …proof that TV and TVLowCost, deliver.


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